Archive is Hosted on Our High Availability Shared Multi-Cloud “Startup” plan!

While the name of our hosting package ‘Startup’ might make you think it is just for a basic blog or non-commercial website, it is powerful enough to run any enterprise level business and to prove it we moved our own company website onto one of our shared hosting nodes to show how powerful our high availability multi-cloud service really is!

What the Heck is ‘High Availability Multi-Cloud Hosting’?

High Availability hosting simply means any hosting where you have two or more servers that serve the visitors to your site, when one server is overloaded or down the other server will show the content to your visitor, then when the first server comes back online the servers will sync data.

All of our hosting we provide is high availability hosting, with an additional layer of redundancy by being what we call “Multi-Cloud” setups.

A Multi-Cloud setup means your high availability servers are also in separate data centers in different parts of the world.

For instance, our Startup Shared High Availability Multi-Cloud plans all have a server located in San Jose, CA and another in London UK with the data mirrored between them.

As all of our servers are cloud and not bare metal this gives us extremely secure and stable networks for our clients to build their websites on, 100% uptime on our server equipment plus redundancy with multiple servers and multiple data centers serving your site content or apps.

Let’s Talk Server Specs… This is Fun!

While your normal hosts out there hide all their server specs in shrouds of mystery, we like to be really upfront and give a lot of bang for your buck to our clients with the best in class equipment and networks.

Many of our servers run on AMD HYPR CPU’s, yup… thread ripper cores! OR Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6136 CPU @ 3.00GHz!

Now you know why our site is so snappy!

Additionally all of our servers use MaxIOPS storage for faster than SSD performance, by up to 2X!

1Gbps up and down ports on all accounts!


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